Touching the Surface


You probably already suspect there is a link between how healthy your body feels and how you feel. That when you are stressed, constantly rushed, when you feel frustrated, anxious, angry – this is when your headaches appear or your period is especially painful (or heavy, or doesn’t come at all), or your IBS, eczema, asthma flares up. Or maybe all of this happens.

Then what ?
Do you ask for help? Go for a walk? Take a bath? Do you stop and listen to what your body is trying to tell you? Can you hear her message? What does she say? Is it ever ‘hello lovely, I’m drowning not waving?

Let’s face it – by now life has thrown quite a lot at you. Yet, everyday you still get out of bed, feed everybody, take care of everyone, clean, organise, and decide just about everything. Maybe you squeeze going to work in there too.Then you return exhausted to bed until the alarm goes off again (or is it just me?). It’s more a starter gun than a friendly wake up call – on your marks, get set… But where is the finish line? Where are you in all of this?

Here’s what we do? Together we:


  • Set it all out. You tell me everything. This takes as long as it takes. We take our time

  • Weask ‘what do you need?’ and we break the answer down 

  • You commit to regular practice of the tools I provide

  • We reflect on your progress and move on to the next priority

I believe commitment to small changes, tiny uninterrupted steps, will alter your life and ultimately take you to where you want to be, feeling how you want to feel.